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A multitude of additional complementary services
as well as standard transport services and delivery

Gold Key Logistics, based in Heidelberg, was founded in 2006. Managing directors Peter Hochstein and Albert Schöberl are proven experts in distribution logistics, with many years' experience in their field.

Since day one, Gold Key Logistics has enjoyed great success as a reliable partner to the biggest publishing houses in Europe and the United States, one example being the TIME Inc., for which we manage the logistics of the Time Magazine and Fortune at their Dutch and French production sites, and transport magazines to France, Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

Since the company's foundation it has focused on building up a local and regional transport structure, which is closely interlinked with the international transport network. Our product portfolio has been constantly expanded, and doorstep/hand delivery of newspapers and early-morning deliveries have been introduced in major cities in France, Britain, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Gold Key Logistics offers a multitude of additional complementary services as well as standard transport services and delivery. From the consulting stage, which involves conducting a comprehensive assessment of the process chain, through to order picking, production planning, controlling and IT processing, our customers can count on us to support them with our many years of experience.

For print media, Gold Key Logistics has trodden new paths by integrating and interlinking logistics networks from the fields of pharmaceuticals and postal. For customers who are looking for an economical way to expand their distribution area and acquire new readers, this means that existing delivery structures can be used.

By transferring our knowledge from print media logistics, Gold Key Logistics has succeeded in opening up new areas of opportunity. For example, since 2008 we have also provided special transport services for the biomedicine sector, collecting laboratory samples in Germany and the rest of Europe straight from practices and hospitals, and delivering them to our customers in temperature-controlled vehicles.

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